Why Yellow and Black?

Why Yellow and Black?

It starts with the notorious hanky code:  In traditional gay culture, wearing a yellow bandanna in your back pocket means that you are into water sports, either as a pisser (left pocket) or pissee (right pocket).  Black hankies generally refer to S&M, and by extension to a broad range of interests (leather, kink, fetish, roleplay, bondage, discipline, dominance, submission, sadism, masochism, and more) sometimes abbreviated as “leather” or “BDSM”.

Each of these kinks — “piss” and “BDSM” — actually represent a vast arrays of interests, turn-ons, fantasies and behaviors, and the possible permutations and combinations of the two  are mind-boggling.  Exploring those nuances of imagination and eroticism can take a lifetime.

Yellow and Black encourages folks to explore these realms safely, sanely and consensually.  While some behaviors are inherently risky, in many ways both BDSM and watersports have the potential to be done with almost complete safety.

We in the Yellow and Black Group support both SSC (“Safe, Sane and Consensual”) and RACK (“Risk-Aware Consensual Kink”), and emphasize the importance of adult, informed consent in all sexual or fetish play.  We also encourage practitioners of watersports to show respect for their environments, and for folks who might not want to see — or clean up after — our kinky antics.

Although pissing on a tree in the forest is pretty harmless, pissing on tree in front of someone’s house is rude, at the very least, and pissing in someone’s doorway is usually a misdemeanor.  Finding safe, legal spaces where piss-play can be indulged can be a challenge, which makes it important for us to respect and encourage those venues.

One interesting dimension of watersports is that it encourages and rewards group involvement.  Pissing on yourself can be fun, pissing on someone else may be better, a group of guys all pissing on one guy is really hot.  Involving multiple players reduces the lag time for guys to recharge.   Also, most guys who are into receiving piss are also willing to contribute their piss to others, which works especially well in group scenarios.

This is why we in the Yellow and Black Group are working to support people who want to host piss parties,  and venues (including sex clubs, bars, hotels, resorts, gyms, etc.) that might have suitable spaces for piss play if they considered it.