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Have you heard about the game of Piss Poker?  Folks have been playing it regularly in San Francisco for years now, and there are probably games being played elsewhere as well.  You can read all about it here, or at  Another game will be scheduled soon, I expect…

Below are listed some venues that publicly allow and encourage piss play in designated locations and/or at specific times.  (Of course, there are many others that tolerate it, but do not refer to it, e.g. on their website.)

Here are some events that have a reputation of including piss activities (either in the main program, or at parties held at the same time):

My favorite place to research kink and fetish event world-wide is this page.

Below are some regional watersports groups that host parties:

And here are some online resources of interest.

Finally (for now), here is a great, fun, educational resource:  a Watts The Safeword episode that is all about Piss Play, Watersports and all things Urine.

Please send me your suggested listings