Tips for Yellow and Black Parties!

As you know, the Yellow and Black Group hosts piss & kink parties.  Info on our next party is here.  Here are a few suggestions for making the most of that party.

Be sure to bring your ID, showing that you are at least 21 years of age.

There will be bags or boxes for you to store your dry garments in.  Security is not provided, so do not bring valuables.

If you bring your own beer (in cans!) please put them in one of the two coolers provided:  one is the “just take what you brought” (on the honor system) cooler, the other will have water, juice, tea, and/or other beverages — please help yourself!

You are welcome to bring your own bondage or SM gear if you like, but BDSM is not an essential part of the festivities.

Sex, with or without a wet component, is also welcome at the party.  Just keep it consensual.

If the party is at the Folsom Center…

The space is wheelchair accessible, and has an ADA bathroom.  However, it does NOT have a shower.  We will have some towels available.

Wet-play space will be clearly indicated, possibly with yellow tape on the floor. Please confine your play accordingly. Most piss play should happen in the plastic wading pool(s).  If unclear, ask.

The Center will require you to sign a “Guidelines and Waiver” when you enter.  You can preview it here.

No smoking.  No drugs.  No scat.

If the party is at my home…

First and foremost, please exercise <strong>great care</strong> when walking in the back patio and garden.  The concrete is broken and uneven, and even the grass has some tricky holes and ruts.  Protect your feet!

Most play will happen in the back yard, but the garage and bathroom are open for you to use, and the living room and bedroom are also available for dry play.  Do not play in the kitchen, office, or dining area.

There will probably be no scat play of any kind at the party.  But if there is, it should be discrete, and confined to the back of the garden (under the gazebo).

The shower in the home is available, and I will have spare towels ready for you to use.

Tips for All Piss Parties!

Here are a few suggestions for attending wet-friendly play parties at all locations.  These are adapted with gratitude from the Code of Conduct for “Wet n Hot” (

Please respect your fellow players.  You can recognize the autonomy and humanity of someone, even when you are doing a domination scene in which you call him a faggot pervert while pissing up his ass.

Be aware that some drugs can pass through your system to your drinkers.  Please do not let anyone drink your piss if you are taking antibiotics.  If you are particularly sensitive to specific drugs, ask before ingesting.

Do not take pictures or videos without the explicit consent of anyone who might possibly be recorded.

Share the tubs and other play equipment. Take a break and let everyone have some fun. Be friendly and considerate.  Sometimes we lose track of time when we’re hot and horny. If you want to get in a tub or a sling and someone else is there, just ask for a turn. And don’t just climb in on top of someone without asking.

Ya gotta give to get.  Everybody wants to get wet, but turnabout is fair play. After you’ve gotten your share, keep the energy going by wettin’ down another buddy in need.

Be kind when rejecting someone’s advances. You may well get approached by folks that you don’t find attractive. You can say “No” without hurting people. Just say something like, “Sorry, not right now,” or gently move their hand away

Don’t force yourself on people. If someone lets you know that they don’t want to play with you, don’t keep insisting. If you do, we may insist that you leave.

Dirty old men need piss, too.  It isn’t going to hurt you to give some to a guy who may not be as popular as others. For you, it’s just one load. For him, it may be the highlight of his night. Some day you may be in his shoes!

At a pansexual party, you may be approached by someone who is not of the gender you prefer to play with.  If you cannot be open to a new experience, then be polite in your refusal.

Leave your cologne and smelly deodorant at home.

Please clean up after yourself.  Just because we’re pigs doesn’t mean that we are pigs.

Come dressed for the occasion.  Don’t wear anything that you don’t want to get wet!

Drink, drink, drink… hydrate, hydrate, hydrate.  Start tanking up about two hours before the party so that you’re prepared and ready to piss. If you wait till you arrive, you won’t go for an hour or so and you’ll be up all night peeing when you get home.

If you aren’t having fun at a piss party, you are probably being too shy.  Assume everyone is shy, so take the initiative to approach people. If you ask, it’s yes or no. If you don’t ask, it’s always no. If you aren’t getting any yes’s, you aren’t asking enough!

Don’t bring a lot of money or valuables to the party. Don’t leave them in your car either.

No glass containers.  This is an important safety issue.

If you need assistance or don’t understand the rules, ask!

Have fun, be respectful, and piss, fist and fuck the cum out of each other!