Folsom Fantastic!


Welcome to the Piss Pool!

The Piss Pool at the 2023 Folsom Street Fair was located right on Folsom Street, in the exact center of the action.  And there was plenty of action!

I’m not qualified to give accurate estimates, but we definitely set records for number of people in the pool (easily a dozen over the day, sometimes seven at once!), number of people using us (hundreds) and number of people (thousands!) watching, taking pictures and enjoying the view.

The shade overtook us at around 4:30, but folks stayed in the pool (and demand for their services only increased) until I called it a day at 5:30 pm.  It took us a while to empty the pool; our best estimate is 50 to 60 gallons transferred into the honeybuckets without incident.

I won’t try to name all the great folks who helped out: with setup, with helping keep an eye on stuff while folks frolicked, and of course with the evening shift:  tearing down, cleaning up, dragging and carrying stuff… I most definitely could not have done it without each and every one of you!

We did not aggressively solicit donations this year, but folks went out of their way to donate, which will indeed help cover our costs for booth rental, supplies and insurance.  Additional donations are always welcome.  (Donate here; but note that this is NOT a charity.)

Pictures?  Video?  Of course! Below are a few of my personal favorites. If you have your own pics or video to share, please do send them (or a link to them) to me.  (If you need help transferring large files, just ask; I can send you a Dropbox link.)  And, as always, if you see something you want me to remove, just ask.

The Yellow and Black Group Piss Pool at 2023 Folsom Street Fair

For history and pictures from prior years, click here.

And we look forward to seeing you next year!