Game Plan
for “Strip Poker, San Francisco Rules”
(aka “Piss Poker”)

Basic Info:

1)      There will be TWO games of “Piss Poker” at the “SmokeOut 2024” event in Las Vegas California. For purposes of discretion, the game may also be referred to as “Strip Poker, San Francisco Rules”.

2)     The date and time is 1 pm on Friday and Saturday afternoon, April 5 and 6, 2024.

3)      The game will take place in Room O-104 at the SmokeOut hotel.    Call or text me at 415-652-6790 if you need help entering Building O.

4)      The game will begin promptly at 1:00 pm.  Please plan to arrive between 12:30 and 1:00 pm.  Latecomers may be required to strip down to match the nakedest person at the table.

5)      Players should try to not piss or shower for as long as possible before the game.  Do not wear perfume, deodorant, or other scent.  Be ready to get nasty.

6)      Most wagers will be paid up immediately; some wagers may be “deferred” and paid up at a later date or time (e.g. in the SmokeOut playroom, after dark).

7)      The game will end no later than 5:00 pm.

The Game:

8)      The game is basically strip poker, with forfeits.  The winner of each hand makes sure the loser “pays off” the specified forfeit, then gets to deal and set the wager for the next hand.  Simple.

9)      You should wear six articles of clothing to the table, counting them however you like. (The early “strip” portion of the game gives folks a chance to win “wafer/waivers”, which may be useful later.)  That clothing just might get pissed on.  You can bring additional clothes to wear home if you like.

10)    Forfeits may include being required to drink some of your choice of beverage. I will have a supply of bottled water and cheap beer available; you may want to bring your own.

11)     Forfeits may also include cocksucking, fucking, piss, bondage, spanking, buttplay, cb&tt, pain, humiliation, and all kinds of kink, raunch, and nastiness.  Hopefully, you enjoy giving and/or receiving at least some of those things.  (You do NOT need to be into them all!)

17)    You do not need to know how to play poker. We’ll show you how to play.  A quick-reference “what beats what” card like this one will be available at the game.

18)    Attitude is important. The fantasy is that players are being forced to take their punishments, like ’em or not:

        • If you win a hand, assume the dominant role, show no mercy, and treat your victim with appropriate contempt.
        • If you lose a hand, either pay up like a good little pervert / faggot / loser / slave / whatever, OR eat one of your “waivers” (aka “wafers” or soda crackers), and move on to the next deal.


19)    Players are encouraged submit suggested wagers via email in advance. If you can’t send them in, at least start thinking about them in advance. If you can’t attend the game, you can still suggest wagers via email, and maybe we’ll play them in your honor.

20)    Wager suggestions should always be practical and realistic, original and kinky, and above all, they should be forfeits that your yourself would be prepared to pay off, win or lose.

21)    If you aren’t sure if you’re ready to play or not, you can read some descriptions of other games to help you decide.

22)    A sampling of wagers offered at previous games is available here.  These ideas are provided only to inspire the imagination of players as they think up their own wagers. Not all these “suggested” wagers will ever necessarily be played.

House Rules:

24)    Please respect the space, and be considerate.  (E.g.  Don’t piss on the furniture.)

25)    Condoms will be available, and should be used for buttfucking if requested by any participant.

26)    Wagers may not involve money.

27)    Bring your toys! Use your imagination!

28)    No hard drugs are permitted on the premises. Players are urged to use their discretion to avoid becoming intoxicated. Players who become intoxicated and continue to play, do so at their own peril.

29)  Be respectful of all SmokeOut and hotel rules.


1. This is a lawful, private party for men age 21 and over, which is expected to include oral and anal sex, water sports, consensual S&M, and other sexual activities. Depending on the players, it may also include bondage, shaving, festishism, role-play, scat, raunch, blasphemy, pain, exhibitionism, and other nasty and outrageous stuff. If you are offended by seeing such activities, please do not plan to attend.

2. Be aware that although your limits may be stretched or challenged by the wagers in this game, no one will be subjected to anything without their consent, nor will anyone be expected to exceed whatever personal standards they have established for their own safety and health.

3. Players should be in good physical health. (HIV+ players are welcome; if you care about a player’s status, ask him.)

4. Players agree to hold harmless the party host, the SmokeOut organizers, the host hotel, and all other players, from any liability for consequences of the game.


Space is limited, so arrive promptly.  Write to me if you have questions!

See ya there!