Fun at the Folsom Street Fair!

I am pleased to report that at least 20 persons, of various genders and orientations, joined the fun by climbing into  the Yellow and Black Group piss pool at the Folsom Street Fair on September 30, 2018.   I estimate that well over 200 people used them as piss targets, while over 2,000 enjoyed the view and took pictures.

Here are a few of those pictures*:

In case you can’t read the signs in the pictures, here is what they said:

Yellow and Black Group
Piss Pool Rules:

Anyone can climb in, dressed any way they want.
Climbing in = consent to be pissed on.
Photo-shy?  Loaner hoods are available.
Pee-shy?  Take your time; piss pigs are very patient.
Not used to standing up?  Ask for a disposable “female urination device”.
Please limit your time in the pool to one hour at a stretch.
Keep the piss in the pool and off the street.

We discourage body contact during piss play (i.e. no “sex”, please).
No shit.
Have fun!

Climbing in or pissing is free, of course!
Taking pictures?  Please donate $1 per picture.
Taking video?  Be generous!

It was a great, wet afternoon on 12th Street.

Thanks to all who participated in any way.  Special thanks to the photographers who dropped a few dollars in our contribution buckets.  And of course enormous thanks to the folks who helped out with setup, pool monitoring, and tear down.

I am pleased to report that our cleanup was complete:  over 5 gallons of piss safely deposited in the portapotties,  no piss on the street, on the sidewalk, or on the lovely tapestries of the booth next to ours, and no complaints from fair management.

See you next year, folks!

*   Are you in any of these pictures and would rather not be? Just ask.
Do you have any other pictures of the piss pool activities? Please send them to me!