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“Piss and Moan!”
A Private Party for Guys Who Flag Yellow

  • Spring, 2023
  • Exact date, time and location will be announced soon.
  • Donations help us host piss parties and related events, including the Piss Pool at the Folsom Street Fair.
  • Bring your own beer in cans; soft drinks and salty snacks will be provided.
  • Be 21+ with ID.
  • You must bring proof of full vaccination against Covid 19.
  • Vaccination against monkeypox is highly recommended.
  • Mask use is entirely optional.
  • Anyone who identifies as male is welcome.
  • Consent is sexy. No means NO.
  • Wet play in designated areas only.
  • Naked is great, rubber or other wet-friendly fetish gear and toys are welcome, or wear anything you don’t mind getting wet. We recommend you keep some kind of shoes on.
  • Wheelchair access is available. Please contact me in advance for info.
  • Tips for enjoying this party (and similar events) can be found here.
  • Always be among the first to hear about our parties:  sign up for the Yellow and Black Group mailing list, using the instructions at the bottom of this page.

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Remember:  start tanking up (drinking water, juice, beer, etc.) at least two hours before the party starts.  You’ll be glad you did!