Yellow and Black Party Coming Soon!

The date for the next Yellow and Black party has not yet been set.  But here is what to expect:  It will be held at SF Catalyst, 1060 Folsom Street, San Francisco (map).  Doors will be open from 8 pm to midnight.

It will be a party for guys who are into piss scenes, possibly with a little extra touch of kink:  dominance, submission, bondage, even a little pain with your piss.  Want to beg your top for some of his sweat or spit?  Go ahead!  Role-play or fantasy elements can add to the fun, too.  Of course we’re all about consent and inclusion, so vanilla sex, simple watersports, or dry land BDSM scenes are also very welcome.   And if you just want to amuse yourself quietly as you watch the action happening, that’s fine too.

Remember:  start tanking up (drinking water, juice, beer, etc.) at least two hours before the party starts.  You’ll be glad you did!


SF Catalyst features more than 2,000 square feet of dungeon, play and social space well stocked with BDSM furniture.



piss pool at the Yellow and Black party

The large, watersports-friendly shower can hold 6 or more people easily, and we will also have a plastic wading pool and/or a bathtub for more wet play.

Shower bondage

Ticket prices will be announced, with discounts for advance purchasers and volunteers.

All proceeds will be donated to the San Francisco Bay Area Leather Alliance, to keep the doors open at the all-volunteer SF Catalyst space.

  • Bring your own beer in cans; plenty of water and salty snacks will be provided.
  • Be 18+ with ID.  Be 21+ if you plan to bring beer.
  • Anyone who identifies as a male is welcome.
  • Consent is sexy. No means NO.
  • Wet play in designated areas only.
  • Rubber or other wet-friendly fetish gear and toys welcome, or get naked.
  • Bring a lock for the lockers, if you like.
  • Keep some kind of shoes on.
  • Catalyst can be made wheelchair-accessible.  Just write to me in advance to request it.
  • This event will also be posted on Fetlife and Facebook.

To be sure you are among the first to her about the party once it is scheduled, please sign up for the Yellow and Black mailing list, using the instructions below.